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What would it be like to have the Avengers as Parents?

  • Me:

    Dad/Mom, my boyfriend broke my heart :(

  • Captain America:

    I punched Hilter in the face. This punk isn't any different. Where is he?

  • Ironman:

    Where does he live? I'll buy his house, evict his sorry ass, and then tear it down to build you a library

  • Hulk:

    Boyfriend broke daughter's heart?! HULK SMASH!!

  • Thor:

    This Midgardian does not know who he be dealing with. As the prince of Asgard he shall suffer greatly for his crimes! *thunder boom*

  • Black Widow:

    Kick him in the nuts, sweetie. You won't get in trouble at home.

  • Hawkeye:

    Caw, caw, mothafucker! *shoots him with an arrow*

  • Loki:

    *mind controls him and makes him do embarrassing things* Eheheheh LOKI'D!

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